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May 26, 2019

I Just Made a VERY Hard Decision....

I have decided not to finish the Oracle of Delphi series.

There. I just came right out and said it.

I have been on a very long hiatus (since October 2018) due to the demands of my work life and other personal matters. Over this time, I have had the chance to think about why I started writing and if I even wanted to continue doing it. It's not profitable for me and never has been. It's a time and financial parasite, yet, I love it. And I think I always will.

That being said, I can't continue to lie to myself. I haven't been interested in the young adult genre for years now. Not to read it. Not to write it. I don't have anything against it. It's just not for me anymore. It's been six years since the last OOD book came out and I have to stop with the foolery. I'm not going to finish it. I'm just...not.

Trust me, this feels like a failure and I feel like shit for doing it. Not finishing something that I wanted to finish so badly, makes me sad. Not just for me, but for those readers who have continued to buy the Oracle of Delphi books even when I have long since given up on them. I'm sorry about that, you guys. I really am. I'm sorry for all of those readers and bloggers who have supported the series for so long. I love all of you and will never ever forget it. NEVER.

I've taken all of the books off sale and removed them from my site. Yes, I'm bleeding all over the place here. I feel sick. You guys don't know how much I hate this. I. FUCKING. HATE. THIS. But it had to happen for me to move on. It was like an anchor holding me down and now that I'm free of it, maybe I can finally swim to shore. That was a whack ass analogy, but I think you get my point.

However, there is some good news. The Djinn Order and Wesley Werewolves shall move forward as planned as I feel it's time to bring my hiatus to an end. It's hard to come back to writing after being away for so long, but I'm back even if it's in a smaller capacity. I'm also getting ready to upgrade to a new website and new domain. It's LONG overdue. Seriously. Blogger? Yeah right. Stop it already, Diantha.

So...many changes to come, plus did you hear that I'm hosting a signing here in Washington D.C. called Imaginarium? I am (*grins hard*) and I think it's going to be amazing. Might have found my new calling, people! Check us out at

But that's all for now. I'll see you guys around...SOON. Love ya!

Jun 5, 2018

It's Release Day! Alphas and Aggression is here!

Release Day is HERE!

Alphas and Aggression, the first book in the Wesley Werewolves series, is now live!

A millennium ago, an Igbo god fathered three sons–a jackal, a coyote…and a wolf.


As the new alpha of his wolf pack, Xavier Wesley wants nothing more than to follow in his uncle’s footsteps and make his elders, and the great guardian, proud. But his family and a rival alpha seem to have other plans for him, and as his world slowly starts to crumble around him, the werewolf king informs Xavier that their realm is under attack by the Lion Head–a sinister creature controlled only by the one who summoned it. 

The king needs a hero and he’s chosen the reluctant alpha to save the kingdom.

But just as the conflict with Xavier’s rival heats up, a beautiful human named Karis Mickelson comes to Mirage and complicates every relationship in his life. Danger isn’t far behind and after his pack is ambushed by the black spirits who serve the Lion Head, Xavier realizes he has no choice but to submit to his king’s wishes. But Xavier’s growing connection to Karis threatens to upend his entire world, coming between him, his pack, and his duty to the kingdom. If he can’t manage to take control of his feelings and honor his true purpose, then the darkness just might win.

And everyone will die.

(B&N, iTunes, Kobo, Tolino, etc.)

Thanks to everyone who helped make this release possible!

Mia Darien–Editor/Beta
Deranged Doctor Design–Cover Design/Teasers/Animation
Deena Rae (eBook Builders)–eBook Formatting
Nadege Richards (Inkstain Imaginators)–Print Formatting

My squad is definitely better than yours! I love you guys!

Jan 1, 2018

Kicking the New Year Off Right!


So blessed to be alive to see the year 2018, and I'm so excited for everything that is to come this year!

First off, let's just talk about my book signing line up, shall we? From June 20-26, I will be vacationing in Cardiff, Wales and attending the When In Wales book signing on June 23 hosted by An Eye Candy Bookstore. This is my first overseas event and I'm super hype. Seriously, so hype, LOL. Join the Facebook group and/or buy tickets here!

On August 18, I will be signing at All About the Indies for the second year in a row! I had a great time at the 2017 event and it's also local (Arlington, VA. I live in Washington DC). Always a plus! THIS EVENT IS FREE and you can already register for it! So if you're interested in discovering new authors and their books, click HERE.

I'll be finishing up the year at Coffee, Chocolate & Books, Oh My! from September 7-9 in Hershey, PA, also hosted by An Eye Candy Bookstore. I am SOOOOO going to Hershey Park and stuffing my face with as much chocolate as possible. If you're trying to get fat too, tickets can be purchased HERE!

Now for releases....There will be three!

First, we have Alphas & Aggression (Wesley Werewolves #1), then I am finishing up two series (about damn time) with the last book in the Oracle of Delphi Series, Prophecy of the Eternal Empire (no cover yet), and Burn For Me, the last book in the Djinn Order series. 2017 was a very hard year for me on a personal level (not in a bad way though) and I really had to focus more of my attention on real life and less on my writing. Hopefully I can turn that around in 2018 and deliver on my promises! Pray for me, people, LOL.
I have such a full year ahead of me and I can't wait to get to work! But again, I just want to wish all of you a happy and prosperous new year and as a new year surprise, here are the first two chapters of Alphas & Aggression! (Coming soon. I promise, lol)


Alphas And Aggression–Chapters One and Two