NEW charity anthology, ASHES TO SUNRISE, coming soon!

Jan 3, 2017

The Djinn Order Box Set is almost here!


To kick off 2017, I'm offering the first three Djinn Order books in one beautiful digital box set for only $4.99! Isn't that awesome? There will also be a print version, but it will only be for sale at my book signings until the series is complete. I'm not sure what the price will be, but I WILL be giving away swag packs with every purchase at the signings, so YAY! 

Once again, Kim and Darja at Deranged Doctor Design have blown me away with the design. I seriously have no words to describe how truly bad ass this cover is. Shout out to Deena at eBook Builders as well! Her formatting is BOMB. I'll post again when I have a pub date for the box set. Until then, may you all be blessed in the new year!

Dec 12, 2016

The time is almost here!

I am so hype for 2017!

First off, I'm a part of a new charity anthology called Ashes to Sunrise, which will release early next year. My story in this anthology is called "Blood and Scorn" and I'm really excited to introduce some new characters to the lovable line-up from all my books. As soon as the cover is done, I'll share it here. Can't wait!

In February, I'm going to attend my first signing with my friend and fellow author, Mia Darien. If you live in the DMV area, I really hope to see you there. I will have all of my print books for sale, including all of the anthologies I'm a part of. And there will be tons of swag for readers to take with them. I mean, seriously, a whole lot of stuff. I'm also looking forward to connecting with the other authors throughout the day and at the after party. I don't get to do too much face to face with other authors so I plan on getting in everybody's business, lol.

Then literally a couple of weeks later I'll be heading to Washington, PA with my assistant LaTroy (and maybe another friend) for the Angels & Sirens event. This is another event I'm excited for because there will be even more authors there and it's also at a casino! I'm not really a gambler but I am a drinker and casinos usually have really great bars, lol. I bet it's going to be pretty expensive but who cares! I'm drinking anyway!

So yeah, I'm pretty hype for 2017...and 2018...and 2019...

The future is looking good :)

Sep 20, 2016


Here we go again...

The next Djinn Order book is here!

One Djinn Lord found. Three more to go.

When Glory finally learns the true purpose of the Djinn Order, she starts to question everything that has happened since she met her Djinn boyfriend, Irving. She hates that she no longer knows who to trust or what truths are actually lies. Nothing is as it seems.

After a visit with the divine Halo of Elders leads to more revelations about Rasputin’s war against the universe–and the future of her own relationship with Irving--Glory realizes that she, Irving and the rest of their save-the-day posse have no choice but to hunt down the rest of the Djinn Order and allow them to do what they were created to do.

But just as a solid plan is set, everything falls apart as Glory’s previous actions threaten to crumble the Amir dynasty and Irving unveils a damning discovery. But it’s what happened before, over a century ago, that truly endangers their mission. They demand to know the truth, but knowing isn’t always accepting. If they can embrace the ugly past, then they just might win the war. If they don’t…they die.

And destiny would love that.

Still waiting for Barnes & Noble, but I'll post that link as soon as I know it's live!


Sep 9, 2016

BURN FOR ME cover revealed!

So excited to share the next story featuring our beloved MCs, Glory St. Pierre and Irving Amir! BURN FOR ME is next up!

Yearn For Me will be on sale starting September 20, so it's time to get to work on the next part of the series. But's the cover and blurb! Enjoy!

Publication Date: TBD

Two Djinn Lords found. Two more to go.

Just when Glory St. Pierre thought her life couldn't get any more complicated, it does. Dammit.

The revelation of a devastating secret has turned the Amir family upside down and in turn, changed the course of the war against the Djinn sorcerer, Rasputin. With Glory’s father missing and the hunt for the third lord of the Djinn Order well under way, it won't be long before the war is out of control and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

With the help of a reluctant witch, Glory and her companions find themselves racing against the clock for a way to bring down Rasputin before the Djinn Lords bring an end to the worlds they love. But there are fates worse than death and when Glory is offered the chance to make right on previous mistakes, she takes it. She becomes the evil that she fights to destroy. But Glory is the love of Irving Amir's existence and he'll be damned if he'll let her go without a fight.

Evil will never see him coming.

Jul 12, 2016

NEW COVER! The GOOD THINGS anthology is coming August 18, 2016

Crazy excited to share the amazing cover for the charity anthology that I have a story (novella) in. It's an urban fantasy anthology and it is releasing August 18, 2016. I am introducing a BRAND NEW series called The Wesley Werewolves, which will be my first series with all-black characters and will be deeply rooted in African history and mythology. The story is called Alpha Ascension and it is actually the first story in anthology! So yes, this is some exciting shit! Enjoy admiring the cover!

P.S. There's also a giveaway below!

Good things come from unexpected places...

Magic and mayhem. Vampires and gods. Cops and werewolves. The binding thread of mysticism in the modern world and acts of kindness, small and large, random and focused. Join these ten authors as we travel through their worlds.

All of the author proceeds from the sales of this anthology will go to the Random Acts Organization, sponsoring kindness throughout the world. This is not official Random Acts merchandise, but is a fundraising project under permission from the charity.

Shouts out to all the other amazing authors participating in this magnificent project!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jun 18, 2016

My 2017 Author Events and Release Updates

So I'm finally getting around to sharing with you guys all the events I'll be attending next year, as well as a few updates on books.


I'm really excited about this event because it's in Arlington, VA which is really close to me. Not many events are so I jumped right on this one. Like the name states, every author is independent so that's another thing I like. Plus, I'll be sharing a table with my very best author friend, Mia Darien, so I'm really hype!


This is another VA event and I just had to sign up for it. The event this year was pushed back to next year due to a lot of scheduling conflicts, so I just hope that doesn't happen again and everything works out! Mia will also be joining me for this one too :)

I'm SUPER excited for this event! I've never been to Vegas, so this will be a first for me. I think a group of friends wants to tag along so that should be...interesting (my friends are slightly insane). Can't wait!

So now for UPDATES! YEARN FOR ME will still be releasing in August. I haven't picked an exact date yet, but when I do, I'll let everyone know. PROPHECY OF THE BETRAYED HEIR is back in the main lineup and I'm getting it done. Hopefully, it will be ready to be showcased in public by the Vegas event (that would be cool). I plan on finishing up the entire Djinn Order series by then too, and will reveal the cover for BURN FOR ME sometime this September.

Also releasing in August is the GOOD THINGS anthology that I'm a part of. The cover will be revealed on July 12 and I'll share it everywhere. It's gorgeous and I'm really excited about it. My first novella of the Wesley Werewolves series is in the anthology and it's called ALPHA ASCENSION. It's an introduction to the series and is told from a different POV than the first full-length novel, which will be called ALPHAS & AGGRESSION. Right now, I'm outlining that story (Who me? Yes. I'm trying something new) but it's going to be very different from most paranormal shifter stories. There will be romance, of course, but this is more about the survival of the entire pack of shifters, not just a couple and their love story. I'll release an official synopsis when I release the cover. I'm planning on a 2018 release, but who knows with me!

That's all for now, luvs! LATER!