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Feb 11, 2012


Four days until the first Oracle of Delphi book release party in ATL! Five until Savannah! If you haven't RSVP'd yet, get to it.

The book cover is finished and looks FANTASTIC! I will debut it Wednesday in ATL and Thurs in SAV. Then on Friday, the WORLD!!! (Okay. Simmer down, Diantha, simmer down). But for real, I'm posting the cover everywhere on Friday(Blogspot, Twitter, Facebook) along with book release party pictures.

Good news! I will be offering the book in paperback on LuLu for those of you that still dig an old school hardcopy. It won't be $1.99 like the eBook of course, but hey, those are the breaks. I'll let you know the exact price soon.

On another note, you can now follow me on Twitter at I've made like zero tweets but I'll make one soon. 'Kay? Also, like me on Facebook already.

Here is my new reading list!

African American: Second Sunday by Michele Andrea Bowen (Sequel to Church Folk)
Historical Fiction: The Virgin's Lover by Philippa Gregory
Suspense Thriller: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
Foreign Language: Quiero Conocerte Mejor by CorĂ­n Tellado (Another Spanish novel- Very Good)
For Aspiring Writers: Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass (Good stuff in here)

I'm out of here, kids!

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