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Mar 19, 2012


What's up guys!

Okay, I just had to make this post, like, right now.

I am soooooo done with SMASHWORDS!

I was going through downloading my books that I had published with them. They TOTALLY eliminated my italicized formatting in all three books! Couldn't believe it and was mad that I had just now realized that. It's because they use a metagrinder that smashes your word document into a million different formats so they can have e-versions for every different type of reader. 

I honestly don't give a damn.

If they allowed you to upload epubs this would not be a problem, but since they don't, I'm done with them. My characters in my books have a lot of telepathic thoughts that I emphasize with italics. They are important enough that I have to make an executive decision and be done with Smashwords. I don't want my work out there like that. UGH! But I must do what I must do!

In case I wasn't clear, my books cannot be purchased through Smashwords anymore.

Forge on!

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