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Mar 26, 2012

NEW Diantha OnScreen- Character Development

Hello Everyone! Lovely day, isn't it?

I know, I know. It's Monday and the week has begun and most of us must return to our bloody boring jobs, and I'm on here being all cheerful and crap. I do apologize, but good news! Today's blog is going to be short! I mean, SHORT.


I have posted a new Diantha OnScreen, the first "official" one, where I talk about character development and how I created my own characters in my novel, Prophecy of the Most Beautiful. Aspiring/Indie authors, check me out! There's some worth to this even if I am but a lowly Indie author myself LOL.


Less than one week till the A to Z April Blogging Challenge begins, and to be honest, I'm nowhere near being ready for it. But by Sunday (April 1) I should have it together. Hope that you stop by at least once a day to get your Greek Myth on with me and drop off words of encouragement to help me make it through the challenge with no tears shed. That'd be great, really it would.

Okay! I'm outta here! See you Thursday!

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