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Mar 29, 2012

Not a real post...

Hey guys!

Just posting to tell you that today's post is being postponed in lieu of the very busy month April is about to be for me blogging wise. I'm making a post everyday in month #4 as part of the A to Z blogging extravaganza so that should thoroughly make up for it.

Oh, and look on the left and buy one of my books while you're here. Thx.

See u Sunday!


  1. Hi, Diantha: Welcome to the blogging challenge! Looking forward to it. Love your blog. I also love starbucks and high heels!

  2. High heels are the best! Thanks for the visit Luana!

  3. Hi from the blogging challenge!
    Looking forward to your work.

  4. Thank you Jacqueline! I will be keeping with your blog, as well as yours too Luana!


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