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Mar 22, 2012

Reaper of Bogota, Pt. 4; Author Spotlight

Happy Thursday People!

Reaper of Bogota, Part Four, has been published for your reading pleasure! Sorry for the delay, but I hope you enjoy! Part Five will be out April 19.

Sales for my books in general are looking really good and I thank all of you for your support!

"Unchain", Story Three of the Unknowing Series will be out sometime in May and I'm publishing "Invasion", a paranormal romance novella (Aliens!) within the next few months as well. So keep a look out!

GREAT NEWS! I am being spotlighted on The Writing World Blog on April 21, 2012. So scurry on over to The Writing World to check out the going ons. It's in DJ's Blog Roll on the right side for easy access.

If you haven't noticed, I've made a few changes to the blog. My videos can now be found at the "Diantha OnScreen" link above. Also I've added a contact form "Contact Me" if you want to email me and I've taken all the blocks off of the comments, so anyone should be able to post comments now. If you have trouble posting, hit me up and I'll get that fixed.

For the A to Z April Blog Challenge, I am doing a Greek Mythology theme. Duh, right? Every post will be related to a figure, place or beast from Greek Myth and not only will you get a lil' myth lesson, you'll also learn a lot of other things. For the writers and authors out there, I'll have a few tips from things I've learned from the entire writing process and being a self-pubbed author. Then, of course, I'll add some random stuff in there too. Should be fun!

Okay, I have an eBook G.E.M for you. The Queen's Blade, by T.C. Southwell which I got free on Barnes and Noble. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I've torn through it in like three days. It's about an assassin, Blade, hired by the Jashimari Queen, Minna-Satu, to end the "Endless War" by killing her enemy King Shandor and bringing peace to her people. But not everyone wants peace and many try to thwart her plans. But however, she has Blade and as long as he is alive, the Queen's enemies will find that getting their way will not be so easy.

This book gets 4 out of 5 STARS from me.

All right people. I've got writing to do. I'm outta here!

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