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Apr 2, 2012

B is for Briareus

Briareus, son of Gaia, was a Hecatonchires, a giant with a hundred arms and fifty heads. After being imprisoned in Tartarus by Uranus, he was freed by Zeus and helped the Olympians win the Titan War against Kronos.
Got one word for you: Multi-Tasking.
If I had that many heads and hands, I’d be the queen of it. So for today’s post, I thought up a short list of tasks I would try to accomplish all at the same if I were so equipped with multiple extremities.
  1. Make tacos.
  2. Brew coffee in a French Press.
  3. Watch Dexter, True Blood, and Robot Chicken on three different TVs.
  4. Play a kazoo. (Should’ve put this one in my A is for Apollo post).
  5. Find “Waldo” on my iPhone.
  6. Play a game or two of solitaire.
  7. Do a few push-ups while munching on a snack cake.
  8. Read an eBook on my Nook.
  9. Paint my toes. (Fastest pedicure EVER)
  10. Rock, Paper, Scissors. All Day.
  11. Post a status update to my Facebook telling all my friends EVERY single thing I’m doing.
  12. Follow up on Twitter. (But only after I find Waldo).

Now it’s your turn. Comment below and tell me 5 to 10 THINGS you would try to do all at one time if you had 50 heads and 100 arms. Make ‘em good and you could win my eBook, Prophecy of the Most Beautiful, Book One in the Oracle of Delphi seres for Kindle or Nook! Ends April 9th.
Speaking of, here’s the Quote of the Day.
“Know what? You’re pretty cute when you’re annoyed.” –– Prophecy of the Most Beautiful.
See you tomorrow!


  1. Have you heard of the new Multi-tasking mode in Google Chrome? I haven't tried it because I don't have two computer mice. (Is that the right word?)

  2. I'll keep my list related to the writing world (since I don't think I could limit everything else to 5 or 10 things).

    1. Write a novel from scratch
    2. Edit the same novel (yes, at the same time)
    3. Read an epic size Indie book
    4. Review another Indie book
    5. Comment on all 1,500+ A to Z'ers (I'm doing more than 5 a day as it is)

  3. 1. Eat a chocolate fudge cake
    2. Eat a steak meal
    3. Read a really good book
    4. Watch A Game of Thrones, Grey's Anatomy, Bones, NCIS all at the same time and never miss and episode. Not clashing either!
    5. Paint my nails
    6. Sleep (one of my heads!)
    7. Make chocolate brownies
    8. Play on my ps3

    all at the same time! wouldn't waste a single minute of the day then!


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