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Apr 3, 2012

C is for Chimaera

The Chimaera was a fierce, fire-spewing creature of Greek Mythology. It had the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a snake. Very Frankenstein. Its segmented nature was supposedly an expression of what might be generated when several sinister forces combine. I’m not sure who decided a goat was sinister, but whatever. They got two out of three.
For today’s post, I created my own chimaera. I named him, Rhi-Rhi, the Spidey Baby. He has the head of a rhino, the body of a spider, and feet like a chicken. Check him out.

Post comments (or pictures) telling me about a chimaera of your own creation, and you could win an eBook of my novel, Prophecy of the Most Beautiful, Book One in the Oracle of Delphi seres for Kindle or Nook! Ends April 10th.
Can’t wait to see what kind of chimaeras you all come up with!
Quote of the day
“Oracles are revered in my world, and you should be grateful that the Fates picked you to take over the gig. You’re in the big time now, Chloe Clever.” –– Prophecy of the Most Beautiful
See you Wednesday!

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