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Apr 9, 2012

H is for Hermes

Hermes was a messenger for the Greek gods, but he was also one of the twelve Olympians and a son of Zeus. He presided over roads and travel, trade, athletic contests, and most importantly for today’s post, thievery.

Maybe even piracy.

Now when it comes to jacking a book that an author may or may not have slaved over for years, Hermes may or may not be the first one caught downloading free torrents of it. Bottomline, piracy is the devil, and I’m not just saying that because I’m an author. I’ve never pirated another author’s hard work that they probably gave up many meals, showers and countless hours of sleep to accomplish. 

Let’s get really real. EBooks are here to stay, so that means the threat of "book"leggers are too. On top of that, eBook files are super small and the gravitational pull of “instant gratification” is almost too explosive to ignore. One click and you could have thousands of free books that are downloaded to your reader within hours.

Nobody cares. You’re still a freaking thief and I know your mother taught you better.

So if you’re a “book”legger, stop it. If you know someone who is a “book”legger, tell them to stop it. If they don’t, take extreme measures to let them know you’re serious (like smash their reader to bits or something fun like that.) If you see Hermes thieving books, steal his winged shoes and sell them on eBay. 

Book Quote of the Day

"You have a dagger at my throat and I can ascertain that you are most capable of slitting it without regret. With those odds, you do not think that if I could give you a name, I would?" – Prophecy of the Most Beautiful

See you Tuesday!


  1. Wow, this was an awesome post. I love Hermes and his awesome shoes. And doing mythology for the challenge - so cool. I wrote a story about the Furies. Definite new follower.

  2. @S.L
    Thanks for stopping by! I love mythology and my novel is based around it so there was really no other theme for me to do. Email me at and tell me about your Furies story. I'd love to read it!

  3. I do love how you link up greek mythology and modern day things.

    "If you see Hermes thieving books, steal his winged shoes and sell them on eBay." Great quote! I totally agree with what your saying though, it does seem to be the problem with ebooks. People should be supporting such authors not depriving them of sales!

  4. @beccabooklover
    Thanks! And yes, ebook piracy is a real problem and it's only getting worse. It's basically up to the honest folk to keep us authors alive. Especially us Indie authors.


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