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Apr 10, 2012

I is for Iris

Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, was, like Hermes, a messenger for the gods. Hermes later replaced her as the sole messenger for the deities, according to Homer’s Odyssey. Iris drew water from the seas and traveled the rainbow to fill the clouds so that it could rain and replenish the earth. She also used the rainbow as a way to deliver messages from the gods to mortals, traveling from one world to the other.

Books are like rainbows. They can transport you from one world to another in the matter of a few pages, if the words are colorful enough to paint your imagination with what they mean for you to see. Books can move you through time, or take you back to an era almost forgotten. A book is a message in itself – from the author. It tells a story, whether true or not, and gives advice, comforts, or simply entertains the receiver. Or you, the reader.

Like rainbows, books are phenomenons, formed when the sun shines on an idea or a concept. What becomes of these ideas is freaking beautiful and when viewed at the perfect angle can straight up blow your mind.

So if you find a pretty rainbow, read it. Who knows, you may even find a pot ‘o gold at the end of it.

Book Quote of the Day

“I could put you down like the worthless mutt you are without even breaking a sweat. Never doubt that. It’ll only get you killed.” – Prophecy of the Most Beautiful

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