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Apr 1, 2012

A is for Apollo

Apollo, son of Zeus and one of the twelve great Olympians, was the Greek god of the sun, the prophecy, and most importantly for today’s post, MUSIC. So in honor of this mythical musician, I present to you Ten Instruments that Most People Would Not Admit They Play (followed by possible responses to such admissions, if they actually were given).
  1. I play the HARP.” (“Do you also wear a coif? Get outta here.”)
  2. I play the BASSOON.” (“I thought a Bassoon was a primate.”) “You’re a primate.
  3. I play the HANDBELLS.” (“Play? Is that another word for making a bunch of racket?”)
  4. “I play the RECORDER.” (“So does my six-year-old niece.”)
  5. I play the UKELELE.” (“Play something.”) *Silence* (“Like I thought.”)
  6. “I play the WASHBOARD.” (Just stare at the person, then walk away.)
  7. “I play the THEREMIN.” (“Nobody knows what that is. Or cares.”)
  8. “I play the MUSICAL SAW.” (“So that’s what happened to the saw I let you borrow last year.”)
  9. “I play the OCARINA.” (“Yeah, when you’re playing the Legend of Zelda on your old Nintendo.”)
  10.  “I play the BAGPIPES.” (“Otherwise known as the most annoying instrument in the world.”)

*Disclaimer* I created this list as a JOKE. Please do not be offended if you play any of these. Honestly, if you can produce music from any of these instruments, you are TALENTED and I commend you. 

Quote of the Day, from my new novel Prophecy of the Most Beautiful
“What is a name really? Once you’re dead, who will remember it? Do not be a fool and think your family will. They will be the first to forget you.” ––Prophecy of the Most Beautiful.

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  1. I forgot all about bagpipes! Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Thanks for reminding you that Bagpipes suck, or no?

  2. Ha ha! I thought the post was great! Can't wait to read more of your A to Z challenge posts!

    1. Thanks for visiting Kayla! I'll be paying you a visit as well!

  3. You're right. Bagpipes are guber annoying. And everytime I've heard them, they seem to be playing the same song. Glad my instrument wasn't on there. Ha. I play the violin. Or did. Haven't picked it up in years. But I still could if I had the opportunity.

    1. No way! Violins are BEAUTIFUL! I also played when I was younger, but I for def suck now. Violins would've never made this list. Only the instruments OTHER people play *grins like a cat*

  4. Haha great post. I agree bagpipes are very annoying! I used to play the recorder and violin but I honestly cannot remember even one tune! I'll be following your posts because I love Greek mythology :)

    Here's my first post :)

  5. There are a number of legends that say that harpists have special powers to keep away evil spirits and destroy the fiend's might. Then again, I'm probably biased, since I love Medieval music, and the harp was very popular in that era. I prefer the bassoon's Medieval ancestor, the dulcian, which has a more melancholy sound.

    I've never heard of a theremin either, and didn't know anyone would seriously claim to play some of those other instruments outside of an elementary school musical recital!

  6. @beccabooklover
    Who didn't play a recorder when they were a kid right? Violins are beautiful and never would have made this list.

    I actually have nothing against Harps and Bassoons LOL. However, the Theremin is another story. YouTube it. You'll find many videos with people playing them, and therefore, the justification behind this post. Also check out the "musical saw". Actually watched a how-to-play video. SMH

  7. This is HILARIOUS. Is your book in non-e-book form? I'm all excited to read it now because anyone who can make me laugh out loud in one blog post wins at life, but I don't do the Kindle-type thing.

    Also, are you familiar with the John Cage piece "4'33"? It was this big conceptual nonsense where he went onstage at a concert hall, sat down at the piano, and did -- nothing -- for four minutes and thirty-three seconds? I always thought it was the stupidest concept ever until I saw someone perform it on the bagpipes. Watchng 4 and a half minutes of bagpipes almost-but-not-quite being played is actually quite the emotional experience. Mingled dismay, terror, anticipation, and relief.

  8. @Jericha Senyak

    Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked the post. I laughed pretty hard writing it too. And I would most def laugh through the entire 4 mins of somebody not playing when they were supposed to. Has to be hilarious though annoying LOL

    I do have paperbacks which are sold by request only. Fill out the request form Request a paperback and I'll get all the purchasing information to you. Thanks again!

  9. Thought I'd change things up a bit and comment on this post seeing as your reveal led me here - an expert on greek mythology with a sense of humour and musical talent - looks like your 2014 #atozchallenge is going to be a winner. :)
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