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Apr 11, 2012

J is for Janus

Janus was the two-faced Roman god of portals, entering and exiting, which is just fancy talk for the past and the future. It was why he was always depicted as having two faces, one facing east (past), the other west (future). He was not necessarily prophetic, as the Olympian Apollo pretty much had that arena locked down. No, Janus gave you choices by showing you the repercussions of past decisions and the outcomes of ones yet to be made.

*Fun Scenario*

Janus offers you two doors. Behind door one, is a money tree that blooms all year long. Behind door two, is a youth potion that will keep you from growing old. He says nothing more than that and waits on you to make a decision.

Which door do you choose and why?

Diantha says: “Well, the first thing I gravitate towards is the youth potion. Who wouldn’t want to live forever? But then there’s the fine print to consider. Janus never said the youth potion would make me live forever, just that it would keep me from getting old. Second, if I did live forever, I don’t think I could handle watching all the people I love die off one by one until there’s no one left. (But what if I shared the potion? Janus never said I couldn’t share the potion...) 

The money tree and the security of knowing I’d never have to work a day in my life doing things that I despise is almost irresistible. I could take care of my parents, make investments (in shoes and coffee, of course) and build an indoor waterpark in my backyard. Yet, I think, if I knew someone who had a money tree, what’s the first thing I’d do? Yup. Try and steal it (Or have Hermes steal it for me). So having a money tree is one of those win/lose kind of deals."

What do you think?

Book Quote of the Day

“Live with confidence, for the path you shall walk has already been laid and lit before you.” – Prophecy of the Most Beautiful

See you Thursday!

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