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Apr 12, 2012

K is for Kronos

Kronos was the Titan god of Time and Ages during a period called the "Golden Age". He became the ruler of the Cosmos after deposing his father, Uranus, and to avoid being deposed by his own children, he swallowed each of them as soon as Rhea, his queen, birthed them.

Except for one. Zeus.

Rhea hid Zeus and he later grew up and kicked Kronos's butt, but not before making him barf up all of his siblings. Then Zeus banished Kronos and all of his cronies to Tartarus to remain for eternity.

Kronos had the power to manipulate time – to slow it down, or speed it up at his will. He could even reverse it.

If Kronos could reverse time for you, how far would you go back?

Book Quote of the Day

"I can't really feel guilty about it. She eagerly kissed me back and asked for more." – Prophecy of the Most Beautiful

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  1. Kasey Mathews12/2/12, 1:29 AM

    Kronos was the god of Harvest and husband to Rhea, father to Zeus, etc. etc.

    CHRONUS was the god of time and the one you have listed. There's a difference. They're often confused and it is a common mistake to do so, but that doesn't make it correct.


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