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Apr 14, 2012

M is for Muses

The Muses were the nine goddesses that inspired the arts and sciences. They were daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, and spent most of their time in the retinue of Apollo, who was also the patron of Music. The nine sisters each correlated with a particular artistic function and during the time of Homer, poets were known to invoke the Muses at the beginning of their compositions.

Speaking of poets, I know one who I think you might like. One of my own muses, my lil' sister, Gabby.

This poem is called, Wires: Song with no melody

I used to swim in wires until they sprang up and began to choke me lifeless. 
I struggled,while tangled and caught in the cold twisted nest. 
The more I struggled, the more they wrapped and coiled up to pull me in. 
I was trapped in a harsh and murky electronic quick sand. 
Until my struggle ceased and I sank down to exist only within fear. 
My saving grace, be it that, was only the volume of my tears, 
the breadth and depth of which was the hope on which I rose to the top. 
The wires, charged with energy flew in pursuit as if never to stop. 
Until, alas, it was I who broke lose my chains and set myself free. 
But I still miss the feel of cold, hard, relentlessly murderous wires on me.

(Thanks Gabby for lending me your poem!)

Book Quote of the Day

"Gods don't do anything without expecting something in return." – Prophecy of the Most Beautiful

See you Monday!

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