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Apr 21, 2012

S is for Satyr

Satyrs were wood spirits  with animal ears, tails, horns, and hooves. As they were total party animals, they hung out with Dionysus (god of Wine) and were sometimes known as the siblings of nymphs, and at other times, their mates.

When I look at this picture of a satyr, I laugh. Because the word "satyr" just screams 'funny name'. So I thought, if I had a pet satyr (or simply happened to meet one) what would its name be?


Got it! PuffMuffin. Or maybe, BubblyGut. What about ScoochPooch?

I could honestly do this all day.

If you had a pet satyr (or simply happened to meet one), what would its name be?

Best name gets a free copy of my novel, Prophecy of the Most Beautiful! Go team!

Book Quote of the Day
"Not every demigod hates you. Just most." – Prophecy of the Most Beautiful


  1. I love satyrs. They're so cool. My favorite character from the Percy Jackson series was a satyr.

  2. Satyrs are so cute and funny-looking! Yes, Grover in PJ was one of my fave characters too.


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