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Jun 14, 2012

Working on my Vacation!

What's up Guys??

As you already know, I'm on vacay in the SAV, GA (Yes. I'm lame enough to have made that rhyme on purpose.) But lame jokes aside, I have pretty much been working my entire vacation. I mean, not hard, but the hustle never stops when you're Indie published. But it's paying off. The reviews for Prophecy of the Most Beautiful are starting to roll in and they are GREAT! (See Announcements) I'm cloud nine happy right now and eager for Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise to be released (Guess I better finish it, huh?)

Don't forget, Unchain (Story Three) in the Unknowing series is out now! Check out the "Unknowing Series" Page or click to the left under "My Books" to purchase a copy. Unleash (Story Four) will be out in September sometime, as I have a book for a contest to finish by August and Book Two in the Oracle of Delphi series to finish by September. May even push it back to October. Who knows.

Currently, I am reading A Human Element by Donna Galanti and will be writing a review of it as soon as I'm done. So far, I like it, but I'm only like two chapters in. But I'm liking the intrigue. I'm eager to finish it.

As I am clearly a fan of warrior type stuff, I'm looking for a nice book about a sexy (male) warrior to read. Idk why. I just am. So if anyone has any suggestions, please comment and tell me about them (I prefer Indie published, but traditional is cool too).

Trying to see MIB3 while I'm on vacay. Has anyone seen it? Is it good? Heard it was, but people say a lot of stuff that's not true. Like Battleship was good...Uh...NO. Movies that star pop singers are never good.

All right! The usual crap. Follow me on Twitter, Goodreads and Pinterest. Like me on Facebook, yada, yada.

I got work to do. Deuces.

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