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Jul 10, 2012

Recipe for a Bloody Awesome Villain

Sorry for the late post, guys. I was baking. Here's what I made:

Bloody Awesome Villain

  • 3 Parts Hatred for all of humanity (in this world or another)
  • Zero Respect for authority, the law, rules, or life in general
  • A handful of henchmen/women willing to get their hands dirty (or bloody)
  • One cup of brilliance and deadly know-how. (For dumb villains, substitute “wealth” for “brilliance”. They’re gonna need the backup.)
  • Two heaping spoons of sarcasm (the wittier, the better)
  • A dash of good looks (so you can’t decide whether you want to kill them or kiss them. Or invite them to stay the night.)
  • Half a stick of the “Nine Lives Complex” (Like heroes, villains should be hard to kill)
  • A bag of Creepy Laugh (What good villain doesn’t make your skin crawl when they laugh?)
  • Just a sprinkle of give-a-damn (use sparingly and only if the hero has given them no choice but to bow down)

Mix WELL. Garnish with sinister acts, and enjoy.


  1. For a less piquant flavor, try out the recipe for a Damn Decent Anti-Hero :)


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