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Aug 27, 2012

M.E. Monday #3 – Book Two, Blog Tour Updates!


Happy Monday! 

Sooooo, chapters 6 thru 10 of Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise just went to the editor. YAY! Now this does mean that chapters 1 thru 5 are back to me and ready for a final edit. And I guess I could release an excerpt for your reading pleasure, but I have to think about it. I'm not sure I want to, but you'll be the first to know if I do.

I'm definitely going to be a part of the time travel anthology being published by the Masquerade Crew. My story, The Repeat Kyng, is looking pretty good, just have to find some time to finish it up. Hope to be able to do that soon.

I also added a blog tour page to the site so everyone will know what's going to be going down for the blog tour in November. Blogs will be able to sign up at Bookfever the entire month of September. Though this is going to be a lot of work, I'm super excited and I'm crazy thankful to all of the FIFTEEN blogs who have agreed to participate so far!

For review, I'm reading two books right now.


Wish I could read them faster, but with a book of my own being released in a couple of months, I have to prioritize a little bit.

That's all ladies and gents! Join me next week when it will still be all about M.E.!

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