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Sep 1, 2012

Them and Me #3: L.A., of A Divinity's Stimuli


Them and Me #1: Chloe Clever

Them and Me #2: Strafford Law

His arms slide around my waist and his lips are at my ear before my brain can even register surprise. He pulls me back into him.

L.A: Miss me?

DJ: (I turn in his tattooed arms)(I smile sweetly) Not in the slightest.

L.A: (Returning the smile, he kisses my hand) Still beautiful, I see.

DJ: Laying the flattery on thick kind of early, yeah?

L.A: Yes. Is it working?

DJ: Of course, it is.

With a grin, L.A. leaves me by the window and makes his beautiful self comfortable on my red suede sofa. Leaning his guitar (which is always with him) against one arm of the couch, he props his combat boots up on the other. He settles back, folds his hands behind his head of jet black dreadlocks, and looks at me expectantly.

DJ: (I sit down across from him) I didn’t prepare any questions for you.

L.A: I know.

DJ: (smiling) So is it cool if we just chat it up a little then?

L.A: (corner of his mouth creeps up) I wouldn’t mind it.

DJ: So, how is life on the road Mr. Famous-Rockstar-Who-Is-Also-a-Greek-god?

L.A: Life is grand. Have you been to any of my shows?

DJ: (shrugs) I might have.

L.A: (flashes a naughty grin) So those were your undergarments that were thrown on stage. Thought I recognized them.

DJ: (flicks him off) You have never seen my undergarments, and you never will.

L.A: So says you.

DJ: (rolls eyes) So there’s a new Oracle, huh?

L.A: Yes. And it’s about time too. I was getting impatient.

DJ: Were you? Why?

L.A: You know why. Chloe Clever knows things. Fate has chosen her.

DJ: I thought you chose her.

L.A: Only because Fate dictated it. It’s all about Fate, Miss Jones.

DJ: What is?

L.A: Everything.

DJ: What does Chloe know?

L.A: She knows all that she needs to. It’s just going to take a while for her to realize it.

DJ: (I narrow my eyes) I think you know a lot more than you’re telling me.

L.A: (chuckles) I won’t bother denying it. I do.

Annoyed, I point to the window.

DJ: I can see the black castle.

He doesn’t look surprised.

L.A: I knew you would eventually. This is good though. For you, that is.

DJ: What do you mean?

L.A: (smiles) You’ll figure that out soon enough. (yawns) Oh my, look at the time. (He hasn’t even glanced at the clock.) I really should be going. I have a show later.

In an instant, we are standing by the window again and I’m wrapped in his arms.

L.A: Want to come with me? I promise to give you the VIP treatment (winks)

DJ: You’re such a perv.

L.A: You enjoy every second of it.

I don’t argue. I do.

L.A: Fame calls, beautiful. When will I see you again?

DJ: I don’t know. Probably sooner than you think. I plan on beating everything you didn’t tell me this round, out of you the next time.

L.A: (laughs) I look forward to it.

He kisses my hand again, then vanishes in a brilliant flash of light.

I’m blinded for a second, but it doesn’t last. I stare out of the window up at the black castle wondering what L.A. could have meant about it being a good thing that I could actually see the stuff I wrote about. I mean, I talked to the characters, saw castles in the sky and was pretty sure if I kept this up, I’d be seeing the inside of a looney bin next.

Suddenly, a presence fills the space behind me.

“Is it my turn to be interviewed yet?” A voice says. “I just have so much to tell you.”

I turn around.

And scream.

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