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Oct 15, 2012

M.E. Monday #10 – Cover Crush, Actress to play Chloe, Impromptu Blog Tour



Yes, that's right! Only four more weeks until release day. Blog tour participants will be getting their books sometime within the next week or so. Speaking of, I just have to give one more shout out to Stephanie at Bookfever for making the cover of Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise her Cover Crush this week! That was crazy sweet of her and the comments really made my day.

A friend, and super awesome fan of my books, Cherrelle, sent me this ad, saying she was reading through the latest edition of Glamour magazine and thought the girl in the ad reminded her of Chloe Clever (heroine of the Oracle of Delphi series). At first glance, I didn't recognize the girl. But after a minute, I realized it was actress Emma Stone who is actually a Revlon spokesmodel. She totally reminds me of Chloe. Good choice, Cherrelle. I'll keep Emma in mind ;-)

So, I'm doing a lil' impromptu book tour for Prophecy of the Most Beautiful with the Masquerade Crew featuring a couple dozen blogs. It'll feature excerpts, interviews and a giveaway of an eBook of the first book. This is to kick off the Crew's new marketing project that will offer extensive promotion to indies and others, including blog tours. It is also a precursor to my November blog tour, which is going to be AWESOME! Not as many blogs will be a part of this, but the ones that have agreed to participate are beyond great. I honestly can't wait.

On DJ's Book Corner:
Check out my VIDEO review of Slammed (Slammed #1). 5 STARS.
See all the new books I've acquired in the past week in Showcase Sunday.

See you guys next week when it will still be all about me! (And three weeks from release day!)

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