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Oct 22, 2012

M.E. Monday #11 – A Giveaway, A Paperback, and 5 STARS

So the new paperback to Prophecy of the Most Beautiful arrived today and I'm sooooo happy with it! It's lovely and I can't wait to approve it and put it on sale for everyone to enjoy. It's going to be $8.99 which is reasonable for a paperback, I think. It'll go live soon. Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise paperback will go on sale with the eBook in November.

Most Beautiful is being given away on the Masquerade Crew site, so if you're interested in winning it (eBooks only) then click on over to the site and enter. You can get there by clicking the "Pre-Tour Blog Tour" button in the right sidebar!

So far, people are telling me Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise is really living up to expectations! I don't mean to toot my own horn, but this is M.E. Monday, ain't it? But no, I'm very excited that reviewers and beta readers are loving it. It feels good to know that I didn't fall into the Abyss of Failed Sequels. Absolutely can't wait for the blog tour to read all of the reviews!

*Last Minute Update* I just gave my mother a Facebook tutorial and accepted her friendship. This should be fun =)

Hahahahaha! See you next week when it will still be all about me!

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