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Nov 19, 2012

M.E. Monday #14 – Last day of Tour! My Thank-Yous...

Today is the last day of the blog tour and overall, I'm happy with the way it went. Not everyone was able to deliver as promised, but I'm okay with that. Shit happens and half the time it's out of our control. I'm not mad at all. 
Shout out to Angie, Mia, Stephanie, Jenn, Raebeth, Nina, HayleyG, Ren, Emily, Cierra, and Snark for the awesome reviews! Everyone seemed to enjoy it which put a cheesy ass grin on my face every time I read one of them. Because of their awesome raving I've received a few review requests from other bloggers who are interested in the series as well as a few readers (and made a few sales). How can I not be happy about that?
I'd like to thank Eden, Becca, Emily, Gricel and Mia for the fab interviews. I had a blast with every single one! Stephii and Jenn, your characters interviews were my faves, and I think between the two of you, you'll cover the entire character list before it's all said and done!
To Mark, my man at the Masquerade Crew, thank you for letting me practically dominate the site for like, the past freaking month or so. You are the DUDE.
And that's that. Oh, the giveaways are still going on until November 23rd at MIDNIGHT (EST). I will contact winners over the weekend. Good luck!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving guys! (Come back next week when it will still be all about me!)

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