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Nov 14, 2012

The Guys of the Oracle of Delphi Series


The male characters in the Oracle of Delphi series are just as important to me as the heroine, Chloe. Though she is at the center of everything, the guys surrounding her are also forces that drive the plot and sometimes, even the prophecies.

Strafford Law, 22, is sexy, hardcore, and difficult. He’s complicated and secretive. He’s dangerous. His smile could melt a rainbow and his eyes could freeze Winter. He’s also crazy about Chloe and completely devoted to keeping her safe and in his arms forever. But that’s not always so easy. This troubled demigod Prince has an explosive history that haunts him every second, and the truth of it has only begun to be revealed.

I love Strafford. He was the first character I created after Chloe, and I’m glad to say he turned out to be pretty much what I wanted him to be. I wanted him to be the exception, not the expectation. I wanted his imperfect life to make a statement: perfection is overrated. Because of that, he and Chloe work, and that was the ultimate goal. They both share tortured pasts and have many regrets. But they see redemption in each other and freedom in the possibilities of the future. And nothing is going to stop them from being free.

Ace Remedy, 17, is a sweetheart, funny, and loyal. Oh, and he’s a flirt. Everyone loves him. But don’t mistake his kindness for weakness. This proud demigod is a fierce fighter and will kill for the ones he cares about. He worships Strafford, adores Chloe, and is determined to leave his signature on the pages of history. And he will. You can bet on it.

Ace is NOTHING like the character I meant for him to be. I created him to kind of be like a sidekick for Strafford that did more listening than talking. Rude, I know. But as my writing progressed, he came alive and evolved into this entity of his own. He has such a presence and vitality that you simply can’t ignore. I adore him. 

Lenka Tahile aka “Swindle,” 18, is intelligent, serious, and a mystery. He is the source. There’s not much he doesn’t know or can’t find out. He also likes to steal shit. And he’s very good at it.

Swindle took many forms before I was satisfied with him. I’m totally in love with who he is now. Not only is he sort of mysterious, but he’s smooth. He’s confident in his abilities and has this whole loner quality that I find intriguing. As Ace’s best friend, he’s the perfect addition to the series.

Hector and Theseus aka “The Bowman Brothers”, 17, are identical twins that are as different as they are alike. They’re anxious, unflinching, and fun. Theseus is practical. Hector is a mess. But together they bring a quirky vibe to this fantasy world like none of the other characters do.

Sometimes it’s hard to make sure that twins have similarities but also have their own distinct personalities. Hector is definitely more of a clown than Theseus, but they understand each other. Theseus acts as Hector’s calming force, while Hector pushes Theseus to live a little. They protect one another, and not a minute goes by where they’re not aware of the other’s presence. They’re so cute. They’re like sprinkles on a cupcake. A must-have.

Without every single one of these special characters, I don’t think the Oracle of Delphi series would have half of the appeal it does. They each bring their own flavor to the storyline and each have a special meaning for Chloe. She needs their swords. They need her visions. It’s a match made in heaven. Literally.

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