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Dec 3, 2012

M.E. Monday #15–Mythos mini series, Giveaway Update, Release Line-up


As Jenna Marbles would say, hello sparkle mouses.

So, it has come to my attention that Ace Remedy (a major character in the Oracle of Delphi series) has become a true favorite among readers, and dare I say, a competitor to Strafford Law. Thought this couldn't be done, but how wrong I was. Guess I didn't recognize my own fabulousness when it comes to creating characters.

Strafford and Ace are brothers, which makes the "rivalry" a unique one, for sure. Because, as I'm finding out, just because someone loves Strafford doesn't mean they don't love Ace, too. And vice versa. It's a matter of preference, I guess. Do you like badass, Alpha males with tats and piercings who knock people flat out and ask questions later (Strafford)? Or do you like sweet and flirty with a chance of blood and mayhem in your man (Ace)?

With that said, I decided that since Strafford would be getting his own book, Solar, Defeated, (April 23, 2013) that Ace should, too. I mean, it's been requested and since I'm all about pleasing my readers, that's a for def YES! I had already decided that Swindle (another freaking FAB guy in the series) would be next. I mean, his story is just one I'm so excited to tell. Ace will be next, and I may even try to squeeze in Torrent (who?) because after what you learn about him in Solstice's End...

YEAH, so here is a possible line-up for future releases (dates and titles are tentative):

Solar, Defeated: Strafford's Story (Mythos, #1) April, 23, 2013

Prophecy of Solstice's End (Oracle of Delphi, #3) July/August 2013

Hero, Cursed: Swindle's Story (Mythos, #2) Nov 2013

Prophecy of the Betrayed Heir (Oracle of Delphi, #4) March 2014

Son, Lost: Ace's Story (Mythos, #3) September 2014

Prophecy of the Eternal Empire (Oracle of Delphi, #5) March 2015

My GOD....

What have I done to myself?! Guess we'll find out.


GIVEAWAY WINNERS! I have NOT forgotten about you. I'm just waiting for the books to arrive so I can sign them, then I will send all of the prizes off at once, including the Starbucks prize package. Promise!

All right, glitter monkeys. I'm outta here. Come back next Monday when it will still all about me!


  1. I like the sound of this possible line up! Can't wait for all the books! :D

  2. OMG! I can't wait for Ace's story! And my birthday is in September! Wohoo!

    1. Hey, Layla. This is such an old post lol. The dates are totally different now. Visit the series pages for updates ^_^


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