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Feb 4, 2013

M.E. Monday #24–Cover for "Invasion"; Eternal Knights Update

How you doing?

So, you might have heard me mention my alien romance novella, Invasion, a couple of times here, but tough. I'm mentioning it again because the cover for it is almost done! Raphyel M. Jordan was gracious enough to lend his skills and produce a beautiful cover for it. Here is what it looks like so far:

I just love this cover. It's very different from my the Oracle of Delphi covers, but that's a good thing. It sort of has this out-of-this-world feeling that I get whenever I look at it. And it's totally RMJ's style. Just check out his Prossia artwork! Yeep! Even more excited to release this novella now :) BTW. A. Star is my pseudonym. I'll be writing all of my adult books under that name.

I've been giving my Eternal Knights Trilogy a lot of thought, and really, really, really think it will be my next project. I was kind of gunning for the Wish For Me series, but I can't get the EK plot out of my head, so its not looking like Wish For Me stands a chance lol. Not a big deal though. Both will get written eventually and both will be bad ass. How could I ever do it any other way?

All righty. That's it for today. See you next Monday when it will still be all about me!

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