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Aug 24, 2013

Show N' Read Saturday #21–Orange is the New Black


A weekly meme hosted by Diantha Jones where we share and rate TV shows and movies we've seen, and the books that we have read or have now been inspired to read.

This week I watched:

Orange is the New Black (2013–)

From the creator of “Weeds” comes a heartbreaking and hilarious new series set in a women’s prison. Piper Chapman’s wild past comes back to haunt her, resulting in her arrest and detention in a federal penitentiary. To pay her debt to society, Piper trades her comfortable New York life for an orange prison jumpsuit and finds unexpected conflict and camaraderie amidst an eccentric group of inmates. (Netflix)


I was sucked into this Netflix original show within the first fifteen minutes. Two days later, I was done with the entire season. OITNB rocked my world! It was great! The characters? OMG! They were fantastic! Loved every single one. My favorites were Nicky, Crazy Eyes, and Sophia. Pennsatucky was also a riot to watch. Piper and'll just have to watch to find out about these two. And the season finale was BANANAS! I'm so so so anxious to find out what happens next season. I just hope there is one! But seriously, a must watch show!

My rating: 5/5 STARS

Book I Want to Read:

Meet Jennifer-a smart, sexy woman who has made good in a man's world. A major player on The Street, Jennifer agrees to take the fall when her boss is caught playing fast and loose with the SEC. After all, her fianc&eacute is a lawyer with the connections to get her off.
Instead, Jennifer ends up in Jennings Correctional Facility for Women, a world a whole lot tougher than her Wall Street days, inside she meets a lively group of smart, tough women: crew leader Movita; crazy Cher; blindly optimistic Theresa; and the adorable Suki. While Jennifer waits in vain for the rescue that her fiancĂ© has promised, Movita makes her an offer she can't refuse. (Goodreads)

The plot of this book intrigued me because the plot sounded almost identical to Orange is the New Black. It doesn't have the highest ratings, but most NYT bestselling authors don't. Yet, they're bestsellers. Go figure!

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