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Sep 24, 2013

Excerpt from His Jaguar Princess (Purr Inc. #1), from the Here, Kitty Kitty anthology #GIVEAWAY


6 Sexy Cats, 6 Sexy Stories...

On Sale October 6, 2013!

Release day is almost here! I'm excited to present my next release, "His Jaguar Princess", the first Purr, Inc. story. It's an adult story so I'm releasing it under A. Star. It will be featured in the above title, Here, Kitty Kitty, an adult Paranormal Romance anthology about cat shifters!

Me and five other fantastic authors are all involved in this project, and all proceeds are going to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center! Awesome, right? Here's the story lineup:

His Jaguar Princess by A. Star (Jaguar)
In Our Nature by Jessica Nicholls (Cougar)
Divine Passage by Dariel Raye (Panther)
The Distance Between by Mia Darien (Siberian Tiger)
Hannah's Fate by Abigail Owen (Cougar)
Full Moon by BR Kingsolver (Jaguar)

I'm super excited to read the other stories (which I haven't yet), and I'm super nervous about being the one to kick off the anthology. I hope my story does the book justice. 

So I won't hold you up a moment longer. Here's the excerpt! Enjoy! And don't forget to enter the FAB giveaway below!

*WARNING* For Adults Only

"His Jaguar Princess"

Shifters, sex, and money. The cathouse calls....

Jaguar shifter Selene Peters can’t deny her feelings for the tycoon Lucas King. Somehow, he's penetrated her barriers and become more than just a client, but loving a human is dangerous and she fears her past repeating itself. Could he help her overcome the past or will she sacrifice her happiness and succumb to it? Not if he has anything to say about it...

©Diantha Jones

I slowly approached our reserved table near the dimmed, more private, section of the restaurant. I said our reserved table because we sat at the same table every week, without fail. We practically owned it. He, the man I was there to meet, sat with his back to me, but just knowing that it was him sent erotic chills flying down my spine. He sat tall and proper in his chair, his broad shoulders perfectly linear to one another. I loved those shoulders, especially the way the taut muscles clenched under my hands when I arrived at the table and slid my fingers over them.

He looked up at me, and for a moment all I could do was stand there and revel in that masculine scent of his that always set my kitty senses on fire. Out of all of the human males I’d crossed paths with, none had ever incited this sort of reaction out of me. But this man did. He made me feel all kinds of things this lady jag had never felt before.

“Selene,” he said, setting down his wine and rising from his chair.

“Luke,” I replied, smiling as my eyes glazed over his appearance.

Luke was dressed way too casually for the restaurant we were in, but that wasn’t unusual. He didn’t give a damn about propriety, or maybe it was more that he wasn’t really aware of it. Luke didn’t live in the world; the world happened around him, so social norms didn’t really apply.

Between the khaki pants and the red bow tie, I wasn’t sure which was more inappropriate. He wore a collared shirt, at least, but it was one of those gingham style button-ups in a blue-and-white checkered pattern. Red suspenders and loafers completed the dorky ensemble, and after he’d pulled out my chair for me, he returned to his own, pushing his square-rimmed glasses up his nose as he sat.

All I could do was shake my head and smile. I wondered how many of the business-types sitting around us actually knew that this was the Lucas King, the Forbes-listed billionaire CEO of The King’s Men Enterprises, an international security industry powerhouse. None of them probably. Or else they had suspected it was him, then convinced themselves it couldn’t be true based on his attire alone. I’d seen him in a real suit so I knew he was probably unrecognizable to people who didn’t know him personally. Basically, I was sitting across from my very own Clark Kent.

“You look more beautiful than ever,” he said, immediately laying on his dorky charm. “You’re like a princess.”

I swallowed my giggle. “Thank you. Nice bow tie.”

“Oh, uh, thank you.” In true nerd fashion, Luke yanked at the sides of the tie and pushed up his glasses again.

“I’m so glad you could make it,” Luke said, swiping at a few strands of dark brown hair sweeping over his forehead. Luke needed a haircut, though I kind of liked the longish look he had going on. It reminded me of a young lion’s mane as it was just starting to grow in. I’d dated a lion in high school and had spent my entire junior and senior years with my fingers tangled in his mane, so I knew.

“Did you think I wouldn’t show?” I said, sipping a bit of the exquisite merlot that had been waiting for me.

He shrugged. “I can never be sure about you, Selene. Every time we’re together, I get the sense that you’re counting down the minutes until you can escape me.”

My brows shot up with surprise. “Really? Oh, Luke, I’m so sorry. I had no idea you felt that way. That’s not true at all.” I blushed. “It’s quite the opposite, actually. I treasure every single second I’m with you, and if anything, I’m counting down the minutes with dread. I hate it when our time together comes to an end. I despise it.”

Meeting Luke’s now heated gaze with one of my own, I felt another tingle shimmy down my spine. Even after all of this time, Luke still made me so hot. We were sitting there acting as though we were nothing more than casual acquaintances that met once a week for dinner, but nobody was fooled, I was sure. In the eyes of the world, I was a jaguar-shifter, basically sex incarnate, and there was no way Luke and I weren’t fucking each other. They would be right, of course. We were lovers, had been for months, and I didn’t see any signs of us ending our rendezvous any time soon.

Drumming his fingers against the white tablecloth, Luke just stared at me with his deep, brown eyes for a long moment. He picked his way over me, sliding his gaze over my facial features and across my ample cleavage. His eyes finally locked in on my fingers wrapped around my wine glass. He licked his full lips, then popped the button of his right cuff. With deft fingers, he rolled up the sleeve of his shirt, stretched his arm out across the table and presented it to me, palm up.

“Not here, Luke,” I said, fighting back a smile. I knew what he wanted.

“Yes, here.” He grinned.


“Selene.” His tone was so soft and alluring. “Do it.”

“On your arm though?” I dragged my fingers over the skin of his inner forearm. I couldn’t help it. It was always hard to keep my hands off him.

He smiled again. “I’m saving my back for later tonight.”

Returning the sultry smile, I dragged my hand down his arm three more times, and on the fourth one, I discharged my claws and dug them into his skin. With my eyes trained on his, I scored the entire length of his forearm, leaving behind four shallow red lines.

“Ah yes, Selene,” Luke mumbled. “That’s it.”

I waited a minute before retracting my claws and just watched him. He studied the abrasions with a sort of fascination I had never understood. I felt he was trying to decipher what they meant or something, like they were the hieroglyphics of shifter mythology. I guessed they kind of were. All I knew for sure was that Luke liked to be clawed. Marks were territorial and he loved wearing them, preferably on his back.

©Diantha Jones

Hope you enjoyed it!

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