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Nov 25, 2013

M.E. Monday #42– What's next for me?


So the Hero, Cursed reveal is happening in one week! I'm really excited about that because I think the cover is so pretty! If you're a fan of the Solar, Defeated cover then you will love the new one. It's by the same artist–Colin F. Barnes–and he's already on board for the next Mythos cover, Son, Lost, starring Ace Remedy! So next Monday, the cover will be revealed right here. I also have a reveal tour happening so that's exciting as well :)

Just saw the first draft of the Lover, Divine cover last night and I was like WOAH! It's lovely! There were a few changes that I HAD to request, but otherwise, it's totally beautiful and I'm proud to have it represent my work. It's being designed by Regina of Mae I Design, so if you're familiar with her work, then you already know it's bad ass.

I'm officially a NaNoWriMo failure. Five days to go and I'll have to churn out almost 5000 words a day to meet my goal. Not gonna happen *LOL* Gonna at least try to hit the 30,000 mark. This isn't going to be a long book, so even if I don't have it done by Saturday, it'll be done by the end of year at least.

I'm really excited for Lover, Divine because even though Mythos: Gods and Lovers is an Oracle of Delphi mini series, each book can be read as a standalone AND out of order! This doesn't fly for the Mythos: Stories from Olympus as they are written as novellas that fit in between the OOD novels. I'm already mentally outlining the plot for King, Desired, which is the next Gods and Lovers standalone. Exciting stuff!

So the topic for the next charity anthology has been chosen. Our (the great group of authors I'm working with) first anthology was called Here Kitty, Kitty and all proceeds go a big cat rescue. This one is benefitting the Red Cross and we are all writing romances with an outreach worker theme. Pretty cool except I'm not sure I'm going to do so well with the contemporary side of things. I may just be stubborn (likely so), but I really don't think I was meant to write contemporary ANYTHING. My imagination is too wild for that. But we'll see. Can't really knock it till I try it, right?

Okay that's it for now! See you guys next week for the reveal!

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