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Dec 7, 2013

Show N' Read Saturday #26: #Arrow


A weekly meme hosted by Diantha Jones where we share and rate TV shows and movies we've seen, and the books that we have read or have now been inspired to read.

This week I watched:

Arrow (2012–) on The CW

Spoiled Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, is missing and presumed dead when his yacht is lost at sea. He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow. (IMDB)


At first I thought this show was cheesy and about Robin Hood, 'cause I didn't know shit about no Green Arrow. I didn't grow up on comic books and stuff, so a friend of mine had to set me straight. 

I love this show. Let that be known right up front. Like I said, it started cheesy as cheddar, but then became this wonderful and complex story line. Truth be told, the acting leaves a lot to the imagination, but Stephen Amell's twelve pack typically distracts me enough to excuse it. I love Diggle's character, played by David Ramsey. The beginning of season one when Diggle was first hired to guard Oliver was so hilarious as Oliver was already in vigilante mode and kept giving Diggle the slip. It was SO funny! Who do I hate? Thea, Tommy, and Laurel. Such yucky characters! Not because of their acting, but of the characters they play. Utterly uninterested in their plotlines. But who knows, maybe they'll get better. I'm just now finishing up season one, and can't wait to get to season two. Oliver's island life is still unraveling and I'm craving the complete story of what all happened there.

Do I recommend? You better believe I do! Like I said, the acting is subpar, but this is a show guys and gals alike can enjoy. 


What to Read?

So I guess I should try a comic book or something right? But there are so many! How do you comic-heads do this? How do you keep up? Different editions, different authors. It's crazy! But these do look fun and they're probably not that long right? Regardless, I need to get my hands on one. Good times.

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