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Feb 22, 2014

Cops, Robots and Guns. Show N' Read Saturday #29: ALMOST HUMAN


A weekly meme hosted by Diantha Jones where we share and rate TV shows and movies we've seen, and the books that we have read or have now been inspired to read.

I've watched:

Almost Human (2013–) on FOX

The year is 2048. Meet Detective JOHN KENNEX (Karl Urban), a cop who survived one of the most catastrophic attacks ever made against the police department. After waking up from a 17-month coma, he can't remember much – except that his partner was killed, he lost one of his legs and he is now outfitted with a highly sophisticated synthetic appendage.

Suffering from depression, mental atrophy, trauma-onset OCD, PTSD and the “psychological rejection of his synthetic body part,” John returns to work at the behest of longtime ally Captain SANDRA MALDONADO (Lili Taylor). By mandate, every cop must partner with a robot. And despite his passionate aversion to androids, John is paired up with a battle-ready MX-43. But he abruptly terminates his partnership after the robot discovers incriminating information about him. So technician RUDY LOM (Mackenzie Crook, “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise) introduces John to DORIAN (Ealy), a discontinued android with unexpected emotional responses. Although such responses were deemed flaws, it is in these “flaws” that John relates to Dorian most. After all, John is part-machine now, and Dorian is part-human. John and Dorian's understanding of each other not only complements them, it connects them. (


I wasn't expecting to like this show, but I really do. Guess it must be the futuristic, fantasy lover in me, because I'm totally geeked out for all the technology and stuff in this show.

The entire show is based around super advanced technology and the way it has morphed the crime world into something out of this world. The crimes in this show are very interesting and the way they are solved is just as engaging.

The acting isn't the best, which is why I can't rate this five stars, but I love Michael Ealy, so I can't really give it less than three. ME plays an android very, very well. I'm convinced he really is one!

There is still a lot missing when it comes to the background of this show. It's slowly being revealed, but I think once I know more I'll be able to kick up my rating. Season one is still in effect, so we'll see how it all ends!

Recommended? Yes. If you're a Sci-Fi/Fantasy lover, then I think you will enjoy it.


What to Read?

So I'm about halfway through this super popular YA fairytale-retelling about an android named Cinder. I put it down for several months because something was just missing for me. But I think I'm about to pick it up again and finish it up. If for no other reason than I hate not finishing books. I like it so far, but I'm hoping it ends with a bang!

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