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Apr 12, 2014

Death is their living. Show N' Read Saturday #30: BONES


A meme hosted by Diantha Jones where we share and rate TV shows and movies we've seen, and the books that we have read or have now been inspired to read.

I've watched:

Bones (2005–) on FOX

BONES, a darkly amusing procedural entering its ninth season, is inspired by real-life forensic anthropologist and novelist Kathy Reichs.

DR. TEMPERANCE BRENNAN (Emily Deschanel) is a highly skilled forensic anthropologist who works at the Jeffersonian Institutein Washington, D.C., and writes novels on the side. When the standard methods of identifying a body are useless (ie. the remains are so badly decomposed,burned or destroyed), law enforcement calls on Brennan for her uncanny ability to read clues left behind in the victim's bones.

While most people can't handle Brennan's intelligence, her drive for the truth or the way she flings herself headlong into every investigation, SPECIAL AGENT SEELEY BOOTH (David Boreanaz) of the FBI's Homicide Investigations Unit is an exception. A former Army sniper, Booth mistrusts science and scientists - the "squints," as he calls them - who poreover the physical evidence of a crime. But even he cannot deny that the combination of his people-smarts and Brennan's scientific acumen makes them aformidable duo, both professionally and personally. (


So I got hooked on this show only a couple of years ago, but once I was in, I was IN! I love it! The cases are intriguing, the romantic drama is just great, but its the character development that just amazes me.

Each character in this show is their own entity and when they are not present, you miss them. There is a big hole in the show where they should be. Brennan and Booth are just the best. The sexual tension in the early seasons between the two of them made this show irresistible, but it's still the insane cases that they get that makes this show fantastic!

I really love how some cases seem to span over many episodes and sometimes, entire seasons (one word: Pilant). That aspect adds this never-ending tension to the show and it makes you crazy for the next episode! The acting is most of the time really good, though I do feel at times it leaves a lot to be desired. There could not be a better Brennan than Emily Deschanel, who manages to embody the social awkwardness and cluelessness of the character so well. As brilliant as she is, Brennan has no idea what the hell is going on if human remains aren't involved and she is everything that Booth (her FBI partner, and now, husband) is not. He is compassionate and protective, and downright sexy. I just love the look on his face when Brennan starts spitting all that scientific mumbo jumbo at him. It's so funny! Honestly, I could go on and on about this show. That's how much I love it.

This show is currently in season 9 but was renewed for a tenth season. So excited about that! I'll definitely be tuning in because I just know this show is not going to disappoint!


What to Read?

This is actually the first book in the Temperance Brennan series by Kathy Reichs, which Bones is based off of. Now I am aware that the book Brennan and the TV Brennan are nothing alike, but the plot still sounds good and like a book I could really enjoy.

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