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Jan 30, 2015

The D-SYLUM is live and ready to drive you CRAZY!

YAY! FINALLY! My street team is all ready to go!

Yes, yes, yes baby! Don't ya just love the name? Fits me PERFECTLY! I almost blew a lobe trying to come up with the name, so you guys better like it :-P

Anywho, the first activity is underway! I need to build up my street team, so the first activity is a recruitment sort of deal. The entire month of February will be dedicated to signing people up for the team. I will accept anyone who is active on social media. Blogs/websites are not required but are preferred. Honestly, who doesn't maintain a blog nowadays? But Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest will be my main social media tools. You have one or more of those, you are in there, baby!

So the person who signs up the most people will win ten activity points! Second place will win five activity points. Ten point events will be RARE, so jump on this one while you can :)

The people you recruit will have to know your name and email address so if you keep your email addy under lock and key, this may not be the event for you.

So I know you're wondering what this street team is all about, so I won't hold you up any longer. Just click the D-Sylum banner above! That is the page you can send people to sign up. I would just give you the link, but I want everyone to read the rules and details first, yeah?

I'm really excited about this guys, and I have some really fun events planned and I just can't to put them into action!

Thanks Everyone!

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