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May 19, 2015

REVEAL! Tome, the first book in the Knights of the Joust series

Check out the cover from the first book of my new series, Knights of the Joust!

TOME should be out sometime this summer, but for now enjoy the cover and add it to Goodreads when you get the chance!

I knew Tome was going to ruin my life the second I laid eyes on him.

It wasn’t the sexy tattoos or his deep black eyes that warned me of danger. It was his secret. The one he never spoke of. The one he never meant for me to find out about. But then we fell in love and I got tangled up in his world of fast cars and underground street racing. And that’s when it happened.

He ruined me.


I knew I was going to destroy Jules’ the moment she walked into my life. I didn’t know when, I didn’t know how. But I knew it was inevitable.

I wanted to love her and so I did. But then my secret caught up with me and exploded in my face. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way and I never could have imagined how bad it would be.

I destroyed her. I destroyed us. I destroyed our love.

And now I have nothing.

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