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Jun 17, 2015

The future as I see it.....

I stated last week on my Facebook page that I made some hard decisions about my writing and shit. I have and trust me, this is the WORST thing ever, but it had to be done.

I have decided not to write some of the books that I previously stated that I would. There are very good reasons for this, some personal others professional, but reasons nonetheless.

Let's just get the bad news out of the way, shall we?

Books that I will NOT be publishing

Knights of the Joust

I know you're like "WTF? She just announced this series!". I know and I feel horrible, but I've kind of decided that romance without fantasy isn't really my cup of tea. Contemporary doesn't excite me like fantasy/paranormal books do, so I've set it aside to concentrate on The Djinn Order series and finish up Oracle of Delphi. I'm not saying the series will NEVER be released, but for now, I've shelved it.

Son, Lost (Oracle of Delphi #4.5/Mythos #3)

I can just hear Ace Remedy fans cursing me out right now, but hear me out. As I've tried to push forward on Prophecy of the Betrayed Heir (OOD #4), I've realized more and more what Ace means to the series and where he fits in to the overall picture. And honestly, Ace doesn't need a novella because Ace doesn't have a back story. Sure, he had a life before Chloe came along, but he doesn't have a STORY. Not like Strafford or Swindle, who are paramount to the overall plot of the Oracle of Delphi Series. I feel that instead of trying to force something that isn't really there, I should just accept that Ace is important to this series and we all love him, but he isn't VITAL. There is only one plotline that truly revolves around Ace, but it hasn't happened yet (And it's a damn good one too! Just you wait and see!). So with that said, the Mythos books are done. Strafford and Swindle have told their stories and now we can move forward and go out with a serious BANG.

Lord, Promised and Paramour, Damned (Mythos: Gods and Lovers #3/4)

I don't think anyone will be too disappointed with these books not being published. L,P was supposed to be a Dionysus' love story and P,D a Hades' love story. They would have been good and fun to write I think, but I have to lighten my load a bit. Sorry, but these books just aren't going to happen.

Books that I WILL be publishing

King, Desired (Mythos: Gods and Lovers #2)

So I guess this officially makes the series a duology. Since Zeus is a very important part of the OOD series, he deserves a novella and so it will happen as promised!

The Djinn Order series

So I shelved the Knights of the Joust series for this one. The entire series is happening with Dream Of Me not too far from completion. I took a break to get some clarity but I'm back to writing it as of today. Hopefully in another couple of months, we will have ourselves a finished book!

I have a couple of top secret fantasy projects that I'm brainstorming for the far off future, but best believe you won't be hearing about those for a few years to come. Chances are I won't mention them again for a very long time.

So again, I'm sorry for those of you I have let down or disappointed. My dreams are bigger than my abilities and I recognize that. I would never want to release something that I wasn't proud of just because I said I would. That's not how I work and you guys deserve better than that.

Just know that I love all of you and treasure your fanship with all of my heart! I look forward to the future and all the wonders it will bring.


  1. We all understand, Diantha! You just gotta do what you feel best with! Love ya! <3

    1. I am soooo late seeing this, but thanks Steph!!! Love you bunches!!!


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