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Jun 18, 2016

My 2017 Author Events and Release Updates

So I'm finally getting around to sharing with you guys all the events I'll be attending next year, as well as a few updates on books.


I'm really excited about this event because it's in Arlington, VA which is really close to me. Not many events are so I jumped right on this one. Like the name states, every author is independent so that's another thing I like. Plus, I'll be sharing a table with my very best author friend, Mia Darien, so I'm really hype!


This is another VA event and I just had to sign up for it. The event this year was pushed back to next year due to a lot of scheduling conflicts, so I just hope that doesn't happen again and everything works out! Mia will also be joining me for this one too :)

I'm SUPER excited for this event! I've never been to Vegas, so this will be a first for me. I think a group of friends wants to tag along so that should be...interesting (my friends are slightly insane). Can't wait!

So now for UPDATES! YEARN FOR ME will still be releasing in August. I haven't picked an exact date yet, but when I do, I'll let everyone know. PROPHECY OF THE BETRAYED HEIR is back in the main lineup and I'm getting it done. Hopefully, it will be ready to be showcased in public by the Vegas event (that would be cool). I plan on finishing up the entire Djinn Order series by then too, and will reveal the cover for BURN FOR ME sometime this September.

Also releasing in August is the GOOD THINGS anthology that I'm a part of. The cover will be revealed on July 12 and I'll share it everywhere. It's gorgeous and I'm really excited about it. My first novella of the Wesley Werewolves series is in the anthology and it's called ALPHA ASCENSION. It's an introduction to the series and is told from a different POV than the first full-length novel, which will be called ALPHAS & AGGRESSION. Right now, I'm outlining that story (Who me? Yes. I'm trying something new) but it's going to be very different from most paranormal shifter stories. There will be romance, of course, but this is more about the survival of the entire pack of shifters, not just a couple and their love story. I'll release an official synopsis when I release the cover. I'm planning on a 2018 release, but who knows with me!

That's all for now, luvs! LATER!

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