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Dec 12, 2016

The time is almost here!

I am so hype for 2017!

First off, I'm a part of a new charity anthology called Ashes to Sunrise, which will release early next year. My story in this anthology is called "Blood and Scorn" and I'm really excited to introduce some new characters to the lovable line-up from all my books. As soon as the cover is done, I'll share it here. Can't wait!

In February, I'm going to attend my first signing with my friend and fellow author, Mia Darien. If you live in the DMV area, I really hope to see you there. I will have all of my print books for sale, including all of the anthologies I'm a part of. And there will be tons of swag for readers to take with them. I mean, seriously, a whole lot of stuff. I'm also looking forward to connecting with the other authors throughout the day and at the after party. I don't get to do too much face to face with other authors so I plan on getting in everybody's business, lol.

Then literally a couple of weeks later I'll be heading to Washington, PA with my assistant LaTroy (and maybe another friend) for the Angels & Sirens event. This is another event I'm excited for because there will be even more authors there and it's also at a casino! I'm not really a gambler but I am a drinker and casinos usually have really great bars, lol. I bet it's going to be pretty expensive but who cares! I'm drinking anyway!

So yeah, I'm pretty hype for 2017...and 2018...and 2019...

The future is looking good :)

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