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The Heroes of the Oracle of Delphi Series

NOTE: In an attempt to avoid spoilers, this list provides only basic information of your favorite heroes. Some characters and facts have been excluded to uphold the integrity of the storyline.

(D) Demigod    (IC) Immortal Celeste    (M) Mortal    (MB) Mythical Being
(O) Orph–undeclared hero

Gold Medalists 
(Our Main Heroes)

Name: Chloe Clever (M)
Celestial Name (if applicable): Pythia, Oracle of Delphi
Weapon of Choice: Lawless, a Gadget Morph–Takes the form of a ring
Powers & Attributes: Receives the absolute prophecies of the Fates; provides Kismet to heroes; Has sole knowledge of the Great Unknown Prophecy.

Name: Strafford Law (D), son of Apollo. A Royal Prince of the Sun.
Celestial Name (if applicable): "Solar", as in energy drawn from the sun (No longer answers to this name)
Weapon of Choice: Aor, the Sword of Apollo (a Summoner) ; a special dragon dagger
Powers & Attributes: Possesses power over the sun. Can bend it to his will; Great skill of song and music; Can heal himself and is quite skilled with a sword; Known throughout Myth as the "disgraced Prince".

Name: Finbar Law (D), son of Apollo, a Healer
Celestial Name (if applicable): Surname of "Remedy", as in a medicinal treatment. Goes by Ace.
Weapon of Choice: drumsticks (Gadget Morphs), but whatever is handy works for him
Powers & Attributes: Very skilled in the art of healing and the science of medicine

Name: Lenka Tahile (D), son of Hermes
Celestial Name (if applicable): Swindle (name speaks for itself)
Weapon of Choice: Bill, a Fauna Morph–A hawk that morphs into a shield
Powers & Attributes: Has a swift ability (can run very fast); Possesses the gift of "sticky fingers"; Adept fighter

Name: Hector and Theseus "Bowman" (D), sons of Apollo, Archers
Celestial Name (if applicable): The Bowman Brothers (Identical twins)
Weapon of Choice: Bow & Arrows
Powers & Attributes: Great archery skills; Theseus is a fletcher, one who makes arrows; skilled with swords

Silver Medalists 
(Our Secondary Heroes)

in order of appearance:

Name: The Chaotics (MB), Sister Elementals
Celestial Name (if applicable): Mystic Mayhem (Water), Haley Havoc (Fire), Crystal Chaos (Air), and Ava Anarchy (Earth)
Weapon of Choice: They are the weapons.
Powers & Attributes: Able to manipulate the elements at will.

Name: Varney "Bane" (D), daughter of Hades, the Bane Princess
Celestial Name (if applicable): Surname of "Bane", as in a cause of death
Weapon of Choice: Scepter of Hades–opens gateway to the Underworld (a Summoner)
Powers & Attributes: Possesses the power to creep–the ability to project frightening images

Name: Sam "Arc" (D), son of Apollo, an Archer
Celestial Name (if applicable): Surname of "Arc", as in arc of a sun ray.

Name: Chiron (MB), a centaur, son of the Titan Kronos
Celestial Name (if applicable): Sometimes spelled "Kheiron"
Powers & Attributes: the great counselor of demigods; runs Godlet's, a "gym" for heroes

Name: Benjamin "Benjy" Clever (M), brother of Chloe Clever
Name: Elizabeth "Beth" Clever (M), mother to Chloe Clever

Name: Tom "Tipsy" (D), son of Dionysus
Celestial Name (if applicable): Surname of "Tipsy", as in drunk
Weapon of Choice: Manipulation
Powers & Attributes: Highly intelligent and can consume copious amounts of alcohol without passing out

Name: Bishop "Bowyer" (D), son of Apollo, an Archer
Celestial Name (if applicable): Surname of "Bowyer", an in a bowmaker.
Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrows

Name: "Kyudo" Takahashi (D), daughter of Apollo, an Archer
Celestial Name (if applicable): Forename of "Kyudo", as in the Japanese art of archery
Weapon of Choice: Samurai sword (doesn't need a bow or arrows)

Name: Anne Maria (IC), a bounty of Artemis
Celestial Name (if applicable): None
Weapon of Choice: Swords, shotguns, and lassos
Powers & Attributes: Trains and cares for pegasi; a "hunter"

Name: Siobhan Law (M), matriarch of the Law family, lover of Apollo

Name: Felicity Law (D), daughter of Apollo, an Archer (sister to Strafford Law and Ace Remedy)
Celestial Name (if applicable): "Nock", as in the act of setting an arrow in a bow
Weapon of Choice: Bow and arrows

Name: Teagan Law (O), daughter of Apollo (sister to Strafford Law and Ace Remedy)
Celestial Name (if applicable): Not applicable to undeclared heroes

Name: Theodore Kalonimos (D), sole son of Zeus, the Storm Prince
Celestial Name (if applicable): "Torrent", as in a sudden, violent rainfall
Weapon of Choice: Lightning, the Bolts of Zeus
Powers & Attributes: Possesses the power to summon lightning at will

Name: "Skirmish" (D), son of Ares, the War Prince
Celestial Name (if applicable): "Skirmish", as in a fight or brawl
Weapon of Choice: Spear of Ares, a Summoner
Powers & Attributes: Possesses super strength and covets blood and battle

Name: Ivy "Ardor" (D), daughter of Aphrodite, the Desire Princess
Celestial Name (if applicable): "Ardor", as in passion
Weapon of Choice: Aphrodite's Girdle
Powers & Attributes: Girdle allows her to project amour, and make men fall in love with her

Bronze Medalists 
(Honorable Mentions)

in order of appearance:

Name: Christina aka "Smurfey" (M), best friend of Chloe Clever

Name: "Summer" Pinot (D), daughter of Apollo
Celestial Name (if applicable): Forename of "Summer", as in the warmest season of the year

Name: Lucy Life, Dr. (IC), a descendent of Apollo, a Healer

Name: "Cure", daughter of Apollo, a Healer
Celestial Name (if applicable): "Cure" as in a medicinal treatment

Name: Alex "Harm" (D), son of Ares
Celestial Name (if applicable): Surname of "Harm", as in deliberate injury

Name: "Boss" (D), son of Apollo, an Archer
Celestial Name (if applicable): "Boss", as in a large target used in archery

Name: Mickey "Wise" (D), son of Athena, 
Celestial Name (if applicable): Surname of "Wise", in honor of his mother, the goddess of Wisdom

Name: Alice (IC), a philosopher (of Chloe Clever)
Name: Aleesa Garton (IC), a philosopher
Name: Ernest Dudley (IC), a philosopher (former phil. of Ace Remedy)
Name: Seema (IC), a philosopher and librarian in the Homer

If there's a character that I forgot to add (quite possible!) or you found a really great pic that looks like one of our heroes, then hit me up @DianthaJones on Twitter! Remember, some characters and facts I left off on purpose and may not add them even if they are requested.