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Apr 19, 2012

Q is for Quadriga

The Quadriga was a four-horse chariot first driven by the Titan god, Helios, who was later replaced by the Olympian Apollo. Everyday, the sun god would drive his golden chariot across the sky, therefore representing the rising and eventual setting of the sun.

The horses that drew the carriage were immortal, and were said to have been born on the "Blessed Isles", which were located in Elysium. In ancient times, the practice of using four horses in chariot racing was adopted from Helios and all champions were said to be blessed by the god as anyone who could control four horses was said to be worthy of the god's favor.

*Fun Fact* The milky way was said to have been created when a son of Helios stole his father's chariot and lost control of the reins. The horses of the sun, with their fiery manes and tails, stampeded through the heavens uncontrollably, therefore, setting the heavens ablaze with fire.

Book Quote of the Day

"Would I be wrong if I tried to scalp her?" – Prophecy of the Most Beautiful

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  1. I always thought this was such a beautiful image. The idea of a horse-drawn golden chariot is lovely.

  2. Great post! Very informative and love the little fact about the milky way!

  3. I loved the chariot race in 'Ben Hur' if that counts for anything. lol

    The gods of the Greeks are interesting and every once in a while I have to assist my students in learning about them for projects.


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