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Welcome to the D-Sylum!


1. Have fun. Cut it up. Act a fool. Diantha loves a good laugh.

2. So does A. Star. We will also promote her work which is strictly ADULT. If you only want to promote the YA stuff, not a problem. BTW, A. Star is me.

3. The prizes are the prizes. The point values are the point values. No amount of whining will get me to change them. If I do happen to alter the point system, it will be at my own behest.

4. To keep my head from exploding, there will be deadlines for submitting activities and claiming your points. You don't meet the deadline, you don't get the points. Also, I will confirm every single point you earn, so don't try and be cute.

5. You are welcome to kick rocks at anytime. My feelings will not be hurt. If you find that you miss me and wish to return to my loving embrace, I will welcome you back with open arms.

6. Don't be an asshole. Let's be nice to one another and have some damn fun, shall we?

7. If you are offended by anything you have read so far, LEAVE NOW. The journey is only downhill from here.

Each event or activity will be worth a certain point value. Once you earn at least 25 points, that's when the fun begins!

Click HERE to take your pills!

25 pills: Signed Bookmark
50 pills: Signed Book (can be deferred for future releases)
75 pills: eBook/Print book of your choice ($10 value or under)
100 pills: Swag from one of Diantha's books!
150 pills: $25 giftcard to ANYWHERE (for ANYTHING!)
200 pills: An entire season of your favorite television show on iTunes (includes season passes for current seasons)($40 value or less)
350 pills: An entire year subscription to Netflix! (12 months)
500 pills: Any Kindle or Nook of your choice

After 500 points, the only thing you can win is my love and devotion :-P

Fun badges will be sent to members as they reach each goal. You are free to post the badges wherever you want!

Crazy Fan: 25 pills
Nutty Fan: 50 pills
Whacked Fan: 75 pills
Manic Fan: 100 pills
Delirious Fan: 150 pills
Insane Fan: 200 pills
Psychotic Fan: 350 pills
Demented Fan: 500 pills


Copy the code and paste the D-Sylum badge on your blog or website!
Diantha Jones

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  1. I hope that I can do everything to get your name out there to people in Canada, U.K; Europe and North Africa and hope that will sell you more books in those places. You can also find me as Karen Elizabath, Bainbridge on other places. Good luck with your new books.


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