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The Unknowing Series

The Unknowing Series
A short story series about cherishing the light...and embracing the dark.

Unknowing (Story One)

When Thomas met Miranda, his life changed forever. The question is...why? Only Miranda has the answer...

Reader's Refuge – "The set-up is so perfectly done that the ending has a huge payoff..." Read more...

Stephanie from Bookfever – "Great short story for those who want to read something a little different." Read more...

Unburden (Story Two)

Miranda helped Thomas see the light, but can she do the same for Claire, a woman with a guilty conscience and a terrible secret?

Stephanie from Bookfever – "It kept my attention and made me curious for the 3rd book!" (Goodreads)

Unchain (Story Three)

Miranda saved Thomas and helped Claire. But what about Abraham, whose terrible end and unrelenting anger have driven him to the brink of insanity?

Unleash (Story Four) coming soon!

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